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Our mission is to help every organisation support the wellbeing, engagement and happiness of their people.

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We believe organisations perform at their best, when their people’s total wellbeing needs are met, something which many companies struggle to do well.

Our team of behavioral psychologists, data scientists, doctors, sports scientists, coaches, workplace wellbeing consultants and nutritionists are constantly improving VISTA. Through the latest research, evidence based strategies are implemented – equipping organisations and their people with pro-active, practical wellbeing solutions.

As a result of the Covid-19 global Pandemic

John Brame and Simone Emmett were first introduced (on a video call) in March 2020. Simone, a psychologist and executive coach, was helping John understand his next move after the loss of his businesses at the start of the pandemic.

Whilst working through Simone’s V.I.S.T.A coaching methodology, they ‘clicked’ realising they had a mutual desire to help people to be the best versions of themselves.

Following the London Olympic games, through his background as a professional athlete and successful sports coaching business, John realised that organisations were not measuring the benefits employees received through his work.

Simone having spent years consulting, advising and coaching business leaders and executive boards both nationally and internationally, had seen first-hand the results in increased personal growth, board effectiveness and mental health wealth. However, this focus meant that only a fraction of an organisation’s workforce benefited from the V.I.S.T.A methodology.

The answer to them both, in a new-look, remote working, post-pandemic world was to combine their years of experience, learning, passion and knowledge into a tech platform. VISTA, the result, offers a personalised wellbeing experience to every individual employee allowing organisations to see real-time wellbeing metrics of their workforce, helping drive proactive wellbeing strategies and for the first time no longer relying on purely reactive measures.

Meet the team

VISTA Simone Emmett CEO and co-founder

Simone Emmett

Founder & CEO

Founder of Strategic Awareness. 25+ years of international business consultancy and coaching with C-Suite and Operational Boards. Masters in Psychological Assessment in Organisations.

VISTA John Brame COO and co-founder

John Brame

Founder & COO

Ex-professional triathlete and cyclist. 10+ years of corporate health and wellness coaching with companies that include JLL, Disney & Cisco.

VISTA Tony Emmett CAO and co-founder

Tony Emmett

Founder & CAO

25 years of consulting experience, Tony coaches leaders to develop and achieve their own personal vision, coaches leadership effectiveness in senior teams, and consults in succession and communication.

VISTA Phil Parker CDO and co-founder

Phil Parker

Founder & CDO

UX & UI expert with 25+ years experience within the creative digital space as a former Creative Partner of a leading award-winning London based creative digital agency.

portrait of Neil Lawrie CFO VISTA

Neil Lawrie


20+ years experience in Financial Services, 18 of which at JPMorgan, Neil’s first 10 years were in various CFO roles within Investment Banking Operations, before 8 years in Business & Sales Strategy roles for Investor Services.

portrait of Dr. Alex Morris lead psychologist VISTA

Dr. Alex Morris

Lead Psychologist

Ex-Head of Wellbeing at a large FM Company with 20+ years experience in the private and public sectors specialising in psychological wellbeing, behaviour change, corporate wellbeing and people strategy, resilience & stress management.

Mizan Rahman


Miz is a seasoned product development and tech executive. Experienced in building technology products, digital transformation and Data Science. Miz has headed up digital products and services for the likes of Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and Citigroup.

Portrait of Dr. Jennifer Ward Data Analyst VISTA

Dr. Jennifer Ward

Data Analyst

Jen has a PhD in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing with a wealth of experience working across the field of mental health, psychology, wellbeing and data analytics.

Portrait of David Rhode Data Scientist

David Rhode

Data Scientist

Expert Data scientist with experience of machine-learning skills to complement his instincts for sales, commerce, and storytelling.

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