Harness your people's super powers.

Covid-19 changed the landscape of the global workforce highlighting, amongst others, the need for organisations to improve their people’s wellbeing inside and outside of work.

VISTA empowers employees with clinically-backed digital tools and employers with real-time actionable insights.

of employees expect their employer to support them in balancing work and personal commitments
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of managers believe there are barriers to supporting colleagues
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the growth in the number of employees working in a remote capacity
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Self-guided programmes

A spectrum of interactive programmes catering for those struggling as well as those thriving. Whether it’s improving sleep, nurturing relationships, reducing stress, or managing anxiety – there’s something for all areas of life.

Inspiring wellbeing, one challenge at a time

Transform your workforce with wellbeing challenges which harnesses the power of fun, individually or in team-based competition. Our challenge library as well as customised challenges help build healthy habits and drives collaboration across your organisation.
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Clinically-backed digital library

From a free text Journal to 40+ exercises based on CBT and positive psychology help boost mood; improve focus; relieve stress and explore meaning and purpose.

A suite of interactive tools help promote everyday wellbeing from sleep, stress, anxiety, relaxation, to mindfulness and gratitude.

A physical workout library to increase fitness levels, from basic mobility classes to Yoga and High Intensity Interval Training, there’s something to get everyone moving.

Daily check-ins

The power of check-ins allow people to build greater self-awareness, track progress and recognise patterns in overall wellbeing. For organisations it becomes a proactive tool, unlocking insights and wellbeing trends.
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Real-time signposting

From clinical measures to integration with EAPs, peer support and other internal services help direct people at the very moment they need it’. VISTA’s tailored recommendations offer a variety of way’s for people to assess their overall wellbeing.

Cultural engagement solved

Organisations fail to understand their people through yearly surveys. VISTA connects employee engagement and wellbeing, providing real-time data and actionable insights.


of employees expect their employer to support them in balancing work and personal commitments

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VISTA Wellbeing Score

Gain real-time wellbeing insights for your organisation's overall wellbeing from your real-time dashboard. Use the score and associated metrics to pro-actively drive your organisations wellbeing strategy.

Employee Engagement Score

Understand in real-time how employee's feel about their organisation. Get insights into areas such as employee satisfaction, recognition, attitudes to learning & development and much more.

Create Healthier Workplaces

Build a responsible business by fostering a sense of community through VISTA, from virtual and in-person events to social media communities and discussions.

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